4 Points on Cydia Download

Apps provide us with convenience in many of our everyday tasks. However, we may not know that there are a lot of popular apps not available through the usual means. This is why many Apple users would like to use Cydia as their app store instead of the Apple’s official App Store. Read on to find out some points about Cydia and how it is related to iOS and your phone:

In this article we are going to discuss about the Cydia Downloading with iOS 11.2.1

1. About Cydia

Cydia is an app store that offers iPhone users something fresh and new. This includes games, tweaks, apps, themes, and so much more that aren’t available on the official App Store. When an iPhone device is equipped with Cydia, its customization and modification potential is almost unlimited.

As you might know, Apple doesn’t support any such software other than its own. Thus, the only way you can get Cydia to operate on your iPhone is to use jailbreaking.

2. About Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is a useful albeit risky procedure that does away with all manufacturer restrictions. This means that the device is no longer dependent on the setting the manufacturer has installed within it. The iPhone would, thus, become a totally independent device with its own root access.

After this jailbreaking, there is no limit to the apps and software you can install on your iPhone.

3. Cydia Downloading with iOS 11.2.1

Since jailbreaking has not yet touched the latest operating system released by Apple, this version needs yet another hack. The way around this is the CydiaNow Cydia Installer. This installer works not just for the latest iOS version but also the older ones. It is a relatively safe means of getting Cydia up and running on your iPhone.

The installer app itself needs no store to be downloaded but is directly available online. You would have to run the CydiaNow app online and then download a bundled version of Cydia.

4. Advantages of Cydia

You may be wondering why you should go to all this trouble for a different app store. Other than customization, Cydia has several benefits for any phone it is operating on.

Most of the offerings on Cydia are absolutely free. You can customize your phone as you wish, which is usually not possible on an iPhone. You can also do the same for your iPod or iPad if you download Cydia on those devices too.

Third-party apps are also available for download on Cydia, so you can try out new things without waiting for them to become available on the official App Store.

You may soon notice your phone becoming more powerful and capable of doing more for you. In fact, Cydia also means that the value of your phone goes up.

iOS Jailbreak - Cydianow


Unless iPhones start supporting Cydia, you would have to make do with unsupported procedures to get this app store on your phone. You can see there are several benefits to downloading and operating Cydia on an iPhone. Researching and going through the reliable platforms for jailbreaking and downloading Cydia could lead to a much better iPhone experience.

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