What You Should Know About iPhone Jailbreak

Apple is one of the market leaders when it comes to technology. This is especially true when we talk about mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. As of now, its most recent offering has been the iPhone X. This has been much anticipated by loyal Apple fans.

However, the iPhone X has also been equally anticipated by Cydia fans. Cydia is a secondary sort of app store that doesn’t have an official operating system yet. Still, it is highly preferred to the usual iOS App Store by those who are familiar with what Cydia can offer. With the release of the iPhone X, Cydia fans are now looking forward to using their favorite app store on the best version of their favorite kind of phone.

Now that the iPhone has been out for quite some time, you can download Cydia iOS 11.1.1 to jailbreak this device. Since Apple doesn’t deal with any software except its own, Cydia lovers have no option but to jailbreak their devices in order to get the app store of their choice. Read on for a more detailed discussion on jailbreaking the iPhone X:

The Story Behind Cydia

We now know about Cydia and the wonderful things it can do thanks to SaurikIT, the creator of Cydia. This is a company which develops apps and is headed by one Jay Freeman. It is responsible for bringing Cydia and with it the ability to customize your device as you see fit.

What Jailbreaking Means

Since Apple has put certain restrictions on its phones, Cydia is not normally available on them. Much like humans break out of jail, iPhone users have figured out a way to break out of this jail of restrictions. They have, thus, come up with ways to remove the annoying restrictions and make the device completely their own.

Once the iPhone has gone through the jailbreaking process, it has its own root access. This means that it can hold any application, data, or software that its users care to put into it. Of course, they choose to put Cydia, which enhances their iPhone experience like nothing else.

Cydia for Everything

While we are talking about the iPhone here, jailbreaking is also a procedure to allow iPads and even iPods to have Cydia as their app store option. After the jailbreaking is done with, these devices can also have new themes, third-party applications, games, customizations, and modifications galore.

The sources for jailbreaking are also constantly being updated by Jay Freeman’s company. This means that those using Cydia can look forward to a better service with every update.

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Jailbreaking Not Necessary

If someone is not comfortable with using the jailbreaking procedure, they don’t really have to go through it. There are other options as well such as downloading the CydiaPro Installer for non-jailbroken phones and other devices.

Luckily, though, there is now a Cydia iPhone X tool available for direct download online. It comes with a semi-jailbreak option, from which you can make your Apple device act like a jailbroken one. This compromise is usually enough to get you what you need when it comes to downloading third-party applications.

After you have installed the tool to semi-jailbreak your device, you are free to install Cydia and start downloading bundled apps from third parties. In fact, Cydia iOS 11.1.1 is now applicable for every Apple offering up until now. Of course, you may not get the full flavor of Cydia with this process, but it’s enough to satisfy some users.

The Benefits of Jailbreaking

The main benefit of jailbreaking your device is that you get the full advantages of having Cydia as an app store. This means that you have access to more featured software, new apps, third-party applications, and games than with the regular iPhone.

You would also get the ability to use your iPhone in several more ways than you may expect. Tools such as MxTube, IntelliScreen, MyWi, and PdaNet can make your iPhone much more powerful than before. The best part is that these tools would not be available to non-Cydia users, at least not for now.

With the customizations, modifications, and themes that Cydia brings, jailbroken iPhones would actually have more of a resale value than a generic one. Not everyone has the know-how of jailbreaking an iPhone, so they prefer to pay good money for a device where the work has already been done. This could actually bring in quite a tidy sum if the device is also in good condition.

Jailbreaking generally puts your device in your own hands. You can download any app or software you’d like. You are also able to manage your files better.

Not Much Risk

Even with all the upsides to jailbreaking and Cydia, some may hesitate before taking this step. The good news is that jailbreaking is completely safe and would not harm the device in any way. The term for this procedure may have some negative connotations, but there is no need to worry.

If someone still has qualms about jailbreaking their iPhone, they can rest assured that the process is reversible. They can easily look up guidelines on how to go about it online and undo the jailbreaking in no time.


Jailbreaking is probably not something that Apple is too happy about. This is probably one of the reasons why its updates are so frequent. Every iOS update would undo the jailbreaking process. If it was up to the company, jailbreaking would be illegal.

Surprisingly, though, jailbreaking was made legal in 2012 and has stayed so since then. After all, these devices belong to us and we deserve full control of them. There’s every reason to download the best options you can get. If the market leaders want their customers to prefer only their software, they would have to catch up and offer the same advantages.