What Can You Gain with the iOS 11 Jailbreak?

When you buy an iPhone, there are several manufacturer restrictions on it. This also goes for any Apple device. This effectively restricts you from downloading third-party applications or software on all these devices. Many people are unhappy with this setup, especially those who know the benefits of Cydia.

Cydia is an app store that you can download on your phone but only if you do away with the aforementioned restrictions. This practice is called jailbreaking. If you use it correctly, jailbreaking is a perfectly legal and liberating procedure that would allow you to download Cydia and gain its advantages. Read on for a discussion on the jailbreak for iOS.

The Trouble with iOS

Obviously, the giant Apple is not very happy with its users’ preferences for Cydia. Since jailbreaking is legal, there’s not much it can do to control its users’ actions. However, its iOS 11 update renders jailbreak useless on iPhones.

The Vicious Cycle

There are various developers for jailbreaking and Cydia, just as there are for Apple iOS. The result is a never-ending cycle of iOS updates, jailbreaking and Cydia updates, then further Apple updates, and so on. Until and unless the developers of Apple and Cydia reach a consensus, this cycle is likely to continue for a very long time.

Apple is also trying to release newer versions of iOS 11 with increased security measures and enhancements. It hopes that this would slow down jailbreaking and Cydia downloads for some time. It has been successful in this to some extent, but it was only a matter of time before iPhone users found a way around every obstacle.

Awareness of Fakes

Fans of jailbreaking should be aware of jailbreaking scams and clones of Cydia applications. They can detect these by noting which service asks for payment before its download and installation. Anyone interested in Cydia should know that it is a freeware and available to anyone who searches for it.

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Downloading Without Jailbreak

Third-party applications are possible to download without fully jailbreaking your phone. There are some other options, such as downloading the Cydianow installer, the cyPlus application, or going for semi-jailbreak, which will allow you to use your phone to its utmost potential.

Again, the above applications and installations should be available for free online. Once you get Cydia on your phone, you can proceed with downloading several applications that wouldn’t be available otherwise.

Examples of Jailbreaking Programs

A little research goes a long way when you’re thinking of jailbreaking your iDevice with iOS 11. The programs for jailbreaking should include the Topanga, C0F3, or LiberiOS tools. Cydia may still pose some problems when working with iOS 11 for some time, though. We can only be patient and wait for a better option to come along.


There are now several developers working on jailbreaking iOS 11, especially the latest versions. You can stay updated on the progress in this area. There are also several online discussion forums that you can use to get the latest information on Cydia applications and updates.